How To Keep Record Profits Happening Without Back Sliding – Video #2

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A professional financial sharp shooter, Betsi Bixby is well known for the valuable knowledge and experience she brings to petroleum consulting. With an MBA in Corporate Finance and experience as a Former VP of Commercial Lending at a major regional bank, Betsi has been applying her extensive financial knowledge and experience to the petroleum industry for the better part of two decades.

Betsi clarifies and simplifies complicated subjects into concrete step-by-step processes that dramatically impact company performance and profits. Through her quarterly Money Matters column published by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), and her website, Betsi has become the most widely read expert in the Petroleum industry over the past two decades. She is also a member of the National Petroleum News (NPN) and SIGMA IGM Editorial Advisory Boards.

Each year since 1992, hundreds of petroleum marketers have attended Betsi’s hard-hitting workshop, now dubbed “The Best Workshop in the Industry.” She is familiar with most major refiners, conducting regular annual training sessions for the industry’s biggest brands. In addition, she formerly ran a financial study group for Exxon’s lubricants master jobbers prior to their merger with Mobil. She captivates convention audiences throughout the U.S. with her “20 Ways to Increase Cash Flow” and other hard-hitting, practical programs with take-away audience value. Her most requested recent topic is “Growth through Acquisitions,” a seminar that focuses on common merger and acquisition pitfalls.

In response to customer demand, Betsi began Meridian’s highly successful Valuation and Brokerage division in late 1999. Betsi and Meridian quickly earned a reputation for accurate valuations and have continued to achieve great success, facilitating highly confidential sales of family-owned petroleum companies.

With Christ-centered personal ethics, Betsi Bixby strives to be a blessing to her customers, her employees and the industry she loves. Betsi currently resides in Weatherford, Texas where she enjoys a ranching lifestyle. In 2011, Betsi founded Freedom Horses, a non-profit organization that links survivors of domestic violence with volunteer horse owners to rebuild courage, compassion and confidence. For more information go to

Betsi is former Chairman of the Tucson YMCA, former President of Greater Tucson Leadership, and former President of Soroptimist International of Tucson. Betsi’s greatest accomplishment, though, is Sheila, her one and only child. Sheila completed her Masters degree and is nationally certified in behavioral health counseling.
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